Choosing Between Taylor and Manor: Living near Austin, Texas
Jun 25, 2023
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Explore Taylor and Manor, two ideal places to live near Austin, Texas. Compare proximity to Austin, economies, housing, amenities, and education. Find your perfect home!

When searching for the best places to live in Texas, Taylor, and Manor easily make the list. These cities offer a unique blend of growing urbanization and a small-town feel, making them attractive options for residents. In this article, we will explore the features of Taylor and Manor, compare their proximity to Austin, and discuss their economies, housing markets, cost of living, amenities, and education systems. Whether you're considering a move or simply interested in learning more, this article will provide valuable insights into Taylor and Manor as ideal places to live in Texas.

Proximity to Austin: Taylor vs. Manor Texas

Both Taylor and Manor are located in close proximity to Austin, which is a major draw for many residents. Taylor is situated in Southeast Williamson County, approximately 29 miles northeast of the state capital. The drive from Taylor to downtown Austin takes about 40 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic. On the other hand, Manor is only 12 miles northeast of Austin, resulting in a shorter commute of around 20 to 30 minutes. While both towns offer a rural feel, the difference in distance may be a determining factor based on individual preferences and lifestyle.

Economies: Taylor and Manor

One of the main differences between Taylor and Manor lies in their economies. Taylor is home to several large manufacturing and industrial companies, which provide a significant number of job opportunities for the local population. In contrast, Manor serves more as a bedroom community, with many residents commuting to Austin for work. This means that Taylor boasts a more diverse economy with more job opportunities, while Manor offers a quieter lifestyle with less traffic congestion.

Housing Market Comparison 

When it comes to the housing market, Taylor and Manor exhibit some differences. Taylor has a relatively affordable housing market, with a median home price of around $330,000. On the other hand, Manor's median home price is slightly higher, around $357,385. Although the prices are similar, neither city emerges as a clear winner in terms of housing affordability. Factors such as personal preferences and budget will play a significant role in deciding which city suits your needs.

Cost of Living 

Considering the cost of living is essential when choosing a place to reside. Taylor's cost of living index is 83 out of 100, which is 17% lower than the national average. The most significant expense in Taylor is transportation. However, it's important to note that Texas, as a whole, lacks adequate transportation infrastructure due to its vast size. On the other hand, Manor's cost of living index is approximately 4% lower than the national average, offering a slightly more affordable living situation. Ultimately, personal financial circumstances and lifestyle preferences will dictate which city's cost of living aligns better with your needs.

Amenities and Things to Do

Taylor has a slight advantage over Manor when it comes to amenities and recreational activities. Taylor boasts numerous parks and recreational areas, including a pool, an aquatic center, disc golf courses, and an impressive skate park. Meanwhile, Manor also offers several parks, and the Austin to Manor Trail provides an opportunity to enjoy nature on weekends. However, in terms of walking distance, Taylor's downtown area features a variety of shops and restaurants, while Manor's downtown area is less developed. Both cities host weekend farmer's markets, but Taylor provides a more extensive selection of amenities and activities.

Education Taylor vs. Manor

The district of Manor has a smaller student body with around 3,000 enrolled students. Nevertheless, Manor boasts several high-quality schools, including a graduation rate of 92.3%, slightly higher than that of Taylor ISD. The Texas Education Agency considers Manor's overall district rating of C+ to be acceptable. The student-teacher ratio in Manor is 14.9 to 1, and the district serves over 9,000 students. Additionally, two primary schools in the Manor ISD, Lagos Elementary School, and Bluebonnet Trails Elementary School, have been rated A, indicating their exceptional performance. Therefore, students' choices between the two districts might depend on individual preferences.

Taylor and Manor are both great options for those seeking to live near Austin, Texas. Taylor has a diverse economy and slightly more affordable housing, while Manor offers a peaceful lifestyle and a shorter commute to Austin. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and priorities. Both cities offer an attractive living experience near the lively city of Austin.

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